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The Health & Wellness Center and our partners are committed to offering advanced hereditary risk assessments to both patients and providers across the United States.

From connecting patients to a network of trusted physicians and certified testing laboratories, to understanding the results that impact you and your family, THWC has created a modern and integrated approach to hereditary genetic testing.

These tests can provide important medical insights about how your body metabolizes and responds to different medications, as well as identifying predispositions to certain hereditary diseases including cancer.

And since genetics are hereditary, these tests can also provide risk information for your family as well.

• Physicians are Board Certified and Licensed.
• Laboratories are State Licensed and CLIA Certified.
• Representatives are HIPAA Certified and Compliant.

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Hereditary Risk Assessments

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Prescription Risk

PGx – Prescription Risk Analysis

Genetic Diabetes & Obesity Screen

2-Cardiac Screen

Genetic Cardiac Risk Screen

Genetic Cancer Risk Screen

Genetic Cancer Risk Screen

Mayo Clinic Minute

PGx Analysis (Pharmacogenomics)


Frequently Asked Questions

A genetic risk assessment analyzes an individual’s DNA to assess how their body metabolizes, responds and reacts to certain medications as well as determining if they have a pre-disposition to hereditary forms of cardiac disease or cancer.

Genetic testing can provide important medical insights about your current prescriptions, or future prescriptions your doctor may consider. Additionally, understanding if you have pre-disposition to hereditary diseases can provide opportunities for risk reduction and early detection.

Our Care Specialist’s will ask you a series of pre-qualification questions to determine eligibility. The Telemedicine Physician will determine if there is a medical necessity, and if needed, order the test.

The test only requires an oral swab (similar to a Q-Tip) from the inside of your cheeks and gums.

A detailed set of instructions are included in the kit and a Care Specialist will contact you to help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Once your test(s) are complete, the Telemedicine service will contact you to review them and answer any questions you might have, including if genetic counseling is recommended.

Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients using technology such as phone or video chat instead of physically visiting a doctor’s office or hospital. Our Telehealth partners are board certified and licensed in your state.

Tests may be covered with zero out of pocket costs to the patient, however this may vary based on your individual insurance. Please have your information available when you speak to a Care Specialist.

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