PGx Analysis (Pharmacogenomics)

A DNA based test to determine how a patient will respond to a particular medicine or a combination of medicines and identifies their unique sensitivities to possible drug effects. The rate of drug metabolism varies by individual. PGx testing can assist healthcare providers with minimizing or completely avoiding trial-and-error dosing, as well as substantially reducing the risk of serious prescription related side effects.

In-Home Test. FDA Approved


Genetic Cardiac Screen

A DNA based multi-gene panel used to ascertain a patient’s risk factors for inherited cardiovascular diseases. The panel includes all known genes currently associated with the development of inherited cardiovascular diseases that can present as sudden death or other major adverse events. Cardiac Genetic Testing can be ordered in disease-specific panels or in one comprehensive panel.

In Home Self-Test. FDA Approved.


Genetic Cancer Risk Screen

A DNA based multi-gene panel that accurately identifies the presence of an inherited gene mutation or alteration which may create a predisposition for cancer. Patients who receive a positive test result will benefit from the opportunity to better understand and make informed decisions about managing future risks and their medical care.

In Home Self-Test. FDA Approved.


Genetic Diabetes-Obesity Screen

A DNA based test used to analyze particular gene(s) to determine if there are genetic changes present that significantly increase your risk for developing Diabetes-Obesity. Genetic testing provides a more precise estimate of a person’s risk for Diabetes-Obesity than using your personal and family history alone. In some cases, the results of this test may also provide information about risks for medical conditions that are not related to Diabetes-Obesity.

In Home Self-Test. FDA Approved.

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