Your DNA affects your medications and your health, check your eligibility for a hereditary risk assessment(s).

Since genetics are hereditary, these tests can also provide risk information for your family as well.

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PGx - Prescription Risk Analysis

How do you know if your prescriptions are working for you?

90% of people have a genetic variation that impacts how effective their medications will be.

Applying science to medicine, this genetic test can provide important information about how your body metabolizes and responds to different medications and prescriptions. It can also help your physician identify what will be most effective and avoid those that could lead to serious side effects.

If you take 3 or more prescribed medications, contact us to check your eligibility for an FDA approved, in-home Prescription Risk Analysis.


Genetic Cardiac Risk Screen

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Are you currently taking cardiac medications (i.e. blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood thinner), or have you suffered from any serious heart issues? Would you like to know if your condition is hereditary, or if your children might be at risk as well? Different types of heart disease and related conditions, like high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, can run in families.

Contact us to check your eligibility for an FDA approved, in-home Genetic Cardiac Risk Screening


Genetic Cancer Risk Screen

5-10% of all cancers are impacted by inherited genetic mutations.

If you are a cancer survivor, genetic testing can provide information about if your cancer was hereditary, or if you have a pre-disposition to other forms of cancer as well. Additionally, this test can provide risk information for your children and family.

Contact us to check your eligibility for an FDA approved, in-home Genetic Cancer Risk


Genetic Diabetes & Obesity Screen

Coming soon!

* Eligibility subject to medical necessity. Covered by insurance if certain requirements are met.

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